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Help our Senior Hounds.

Protect the Environment.

Donate your used electronics!

Collect them from friends, family, neighbors and work.

House of Puddles is now officially registered with Recycling Fundraiser® to raise funds through your recycling efforts. There’s nothing to buy. We are simply asking you to protect the environment by donating your used consumer electronics. Your used item(s) may be tax deductible and will be recycled in accordance with EPA regulations. 100% of the proceeds will help fund veterinary care, food and other needs of our senior hounds while they live out their sunset years at HOP.  (See price list)

Shipping by FedEx is absolutely FREE and they will pick it up!  All you have to do is box the items, print out a shipping label with House of Puddles contact information as the shipper and call FedEx to pick it up.  All items are shipped directly to the Recycling Fundraiser® center.  No shipment is too small - you can even send just one item.

You can send in the following items:

Cell Phones
Digital Cameras
Radar Detectors
GPS Devices

Laptop Computers
Digital Video Cameras
Electronic Book Readers

Inkjet Cartridges (small ones only)
Handheld Game Systems
MP3 Players
(Include any batteries and power cords/chargers for all items)

Recycling Fundraiser® pays us for EVERY item in these categories no matter what - regardless of whether or not the items work.

We even have a letter that you can print out to distribute in your neighborhood or at work.  Just insert your name, contact information and location of your collection box where indicated.  There's a receipt included on the lower part of the letter for donors to complete for their tax deduction. Recycling Fundraiser Letter

In order for HOP to receive credit for your items, please make sure to fill out the free shipping label with the following information:

Organization Name: House of Puddles, Inc.
Address: 4422 Reels Mill Rd.
City: Frederick
State: MD
Zip: 21704
Contact Name: Marilyn Brazzle
Contact Email: olddogs@houseofpuddles.org
Contact Phone: 301-846-0407

Shipping Frequently Asked Questions

If you've been wanting to help the senior hounds at House of Puddles but don't have the funds, this is how you can help us out in a big way AND do good for the environment!

4422 Reels Mill Rd.
Frederick, MD 21704

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