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Every year I invite some friends, their families and hounds to my home for a day to enjoy friendship, food and love of hounds. For the past couple of years, we've been honored to have Jeanne Wells, a dear friend and internationally known photographer, attend the annual October party at HOP and photograph the hounds and visitors. She has captured exquisite black and white photos of hounds just being hounds - begging for food, looking worried (that they aren't getting enough food), pretending to sleep (in hopes someone will leave food unattended), and so forth.

Jeanne is offering those prints for sale now at a lower price, with a portion of the proceeds going to help our senior hounds. She is offering 7" square silver gelatin prints, hand made on fibre based paper in the good old-fashioned darkroom. Each print is made individually to order, so no two are exactly alike. These and many more photos can be ordered from Jeanne Wells Photography at http://www.jeannewells.com/prints/hop.htm.

 Every sale makes money for HOP, and each print is a collector's item.

Click on the thumbnails below to enjoy larger pictures.

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